Room & Breakfast and Apartments Teatro

In the heart of Imola

In the center of Imola, a few steps from the Ebe Stignani Theater, four ancient residential units have been renovated in a mini-condominium on the typical scheme of the Gothic lot.

Developed on five levels, characterized by an internal courtyard and a cellar with barrel vaults, the building has been transformed into the R&B and Apartments Teatro, an accomodation obtained from a historic building, equipped with 7 rooms characterized by avant-garde systems.

Starting from the original residential destination, through a radical renovation, it was intended to give life to a welcoming structure like a home, enhancing the peculiarities of the typical building of the historic center of the Emilia-Romagna cities, combining it with a substantial seismic improvement of the load-bearing elements and a radical energy requalification of the envelope and systems as well as an ultramodern technological equipment.


High-tech at your service



The Rooms

Four rooms on the first and second floor are equipped with a mini kitchen and allow, thanks to the large size, configurations with two / three / four beds. This possibility makes it possible to offer spaces for long stays, aimed not only to singles and couples, but also to families.

The project

The project was developed starting from the original structure which saw, on each floor, two rooms distributed in the center by a staircase. There are two views on each floor, on via Verdi, through a pair of typical windows with spikes for each room and on the internal courtyard, with a central French door facing a private terrace. The envelope of the brick and river stone walls, with the out-of-plumb and irregular plaster, after the consolidation operations, has become the box in which to insert the well-kept “caskets” that are the rooms. Environments that follow one another linked by a common thread of image, but designed and cared for one by one in every detail, however, are isolated from each other as if each were a world unto itself. The project was developed starting from the theme of color that reveals itself room after room, always different despite a repeated architectural scheme. The rooms facing west on Via Verdi favor and enhance the cold tones of green, blue, blueberry violet, while those exposed on the internal courtyard, brighter, enhance the warm tones of the sun that invades the space in the morning. The colors are declined through large backdrops covered with a precious fabric that recalls the curtain of the theaters. In continuity with the colors of the rooms, the private bathrooms have been designed, small two-colored caskets that bring neutral surfaces into dialogue with delicate grits with dreamlike colors. Under the sloping pitched roof, the suite, very intimate and cozy, consists of a bedroom and bathroom separated by the central staircase, but united by the gaze that can range anywhere through the glass walls. In this room, the gold color declines from the fabrics of the room to the bathroom, where a golden totem-sink stands out in the background like a sculpture. The room gets light from above through two large skylights on the roof and from a glass wall that leads to a lovely pocket terrace from which you can enjoy a very suggestive view of the main monuments of the historic city center.

The technological apparatus

The historicity of the places has been combined with a shell and Hi-tech systems. Starting from the virtual reception at the entrance (check-in is done autonomously thanks to a scanner for documents and a virtual guide placed on the wall on a digital screen), you reach the rooms equipped with electrical and special systems. avant-garde, with well-finished lighting and equipped with all technological devices for air conditioning, TV and internet.


Great attention was paid to acoustics. An accurate soundproofing project has been studied to allow perfect acoustic insulation both between room and room, and towards neighboring properties.

Guest Directory

Dear Guests, on this page you can view our Service Charter. This information will allow you to make the best use of the services we can offer you to ensure a pleasant stay at our facility. You will find a copy of our Service Charter in each apartment, together with other useful information. In any case, for any question or request, you can contact us here. During your stay at the R&B Teatro you will find us available for any problem that may arise during your stay and for any further information on the farm services at your disposal, but also for tourist information regarding the surroundings, local events and events as well as curiosities about our territory. We wish you a pleasant stay at the R&B Theater.

Check In

Once the reservation has been made, you will receive an e-mail confirming the reservation The day before or the same day of your arrival (if the booking was made on the same day of arrival) you will receive the following information by e-mail or whatsapp: – a 5/digit PIN to enter on the keyboard located to the right of the entrance door – once you enter on your left you will find a digital kiosk for the check-in and follow the instructions you will find on the monitor (to start the procedure you will be asked to enter the PIN again which is the same as above) – once the check-in is finished, your PIN is enabled to open the second door and the door of your room You will also receive a link that will allow you to check-in online wherever you are and in this case the PIN provided will open all doors including that your room one (this will allow you to skip the check-in operation on site) THE PIN MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED BY THE CONFIRMATION KEY THAT YOU WILL FIND AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE KEYBOARDS

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